My book Karibu, welcome to my village Opal 2010, Petra SzaboLook at some pictures in my book


News - 2010 Tanzania trip RAU RIVER

News - 2009 Tanzania trip

MAY 2011
I visited the eLearning Africa conference in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

I also made researches for my books and met friends, artists and writers.

Here you can see photos from my very interesting time in Dar es Salaam.

eLearning Africa 2011

Meeting friends, artists and writers, Dar es Salaam, Juni 2011



Workshop together with John Kilaka
Princess Estelle's prayer bookread the book


My book "Sagan om Snegel" becomes children`s theater



Children's Book Festival in Moshi 2-6 Maj

Day 1 at Kiwalaa Primary School and the School Library

Day 2 and 3 Seminar- and workshop days at MTC

Day 4 and 5 at Chekereni´s Primary Schools and Kindergartens

2/5 Kiwalaa Primary School

Two seminar och workshop days for teachers and students

3/5 Montessori Training Center
4/5 Montessori Training Center

5/5 Chekereni Primary Schools
6/5 Montessori Kindergartens

Januari-Februari 2016
Research and Preparing the Childen's Book Festival and Prefestival Activities
together with Julius Szabo and Kerstin and Hans Forsberg


15 och 16 april 2015
Workshop at the Hägerstenshamnen's School

Februari och april 2015
Picture Book Workshop at the Kvarnby school in Rinkeby

Children's paintings
Kvarnby School and Rosendal's School

18/11-2014, 27/1 och 3/2-2015
Picture Book Workshop at Rosendal's School in Linköping
Creative School Project

11 december 2014
Opening of the School Library in Kiwalaa in Tanzania

Fotos from the opening


Children's book festival in Dar es Salaam 12 - 14 June

Workshop with artists and illustrators (facilitator: Petra Szabo)


Movies from the Children's Book Festival



September - December

22/9 - 4/11 Vernissage of the exhibition
in the parish house beside the Church in Danderyd

9/10 - 13/10 bookfair in Frankfurt

10/11 - 12/1-2014 Vernissage of the exhibition
Princess Estelles Prayer book - original paintings

20/11 Caroline Krook bishop in the Church of Sweden,
speaks about prayer and Petra Szabo about her work with the prayer book.


January - May 2013

10/1 I have completed the work with the illustrations for PRINCESS ESTELLE'S PRAYER BOOK. Planned release in April 26, 2013, VERBUM

11/1 I started to illustrate the book "The world's most beautiful tower" text: Kristina Murray, the book will be published in Swedish in combination with four different languages. Planned release in April 2013, VIVLIO

6-7/3 Workshop Montessori School in Eslöv, class 1-6

9/3 Author Visit at Gribbylunds library

24/4 JOHN KILAKA comming to Sweden

26/4 Princess Estelle's prayer book

27/4 Workshop with John Kilaka in the parish house beside the Church in Danderyd

28/4 Opening and workshop with John Kilaka in the parish house beside the Church in Danderyd

4/5 Botkyrka International Book Fair 2013

13-17/5 - Workshop in Kvarnbyskolan together with John Kilaka

22/5 Release of the Prayer book

22-23/5 At the Skansen in Stockholm 11.00 - 14.00, workshop together with John Kilaka

26/5 Africa familyday Skarpnäck


John Kilaka and Petra Szabo:

7/9 John Kilaka: Vernissage at Just Africa, 17-19

8/9 John & Petra: Africa day in Bagarmossen, 12-17

10/9-14/9 John & Petra: Workshop in Kvarnby school, Rinkeby

15/9 Petra & John: Releaseparty at Just Afrika, Vivlio förlag, Petra's book, kl 12-15

17/9-21/9 John & Petra:Workshop in Torsvik's school, Lidingö

21/9 John atJust Africa, 18.00

22/9 John Kilaka in the bookshop Bokspindeln,14-15

Look att the pictures












Bilder från min möten med barnen i Tanzania 2009