Children's Book Festival in Moshi
Seminar- and workshopdays
Montessori Training Center

Day 2 and 3
3 - 4 May 2016

Rektor Sophia Urio opens the seminar days at the MTC

Some of the participants during the first seminar day

and during the second seminar day
Kerstin Forsberg (Ushirika Association ) andElieshi Lema (writer and publisher)

Nadir Tharani (writer, illustrator och architekt)

Top 3 of 12 books

The book about the Albino child Madhili won the Top 3

Teacher studends acting the winner book Madhila Ya Faidha.

Kerstin Forsberg thanks the participants

we get presents

Thank you, dear Kerstin Forsberg and dear Lilian Kimaro!

Some of my friends at the seminar day: Overa och Carl-Erik Sahlberg, Aron Urio and Grace Lueno

Workshop with Petra Szabo and John Kilaka

Workshop about the Teacher's Guide

Petra's workshop "From the idea to the printed Picture Book"

Thank you Godwin Chonjo who was the moderator, translater and speaker during all the days!

Day 1 at Kiwalaa's Primary School and School Library

Day 4 and 5 at Chekereni's Primary Schools and Kindergartens