Pictures from the Opening of the School Library in Kiwalaa in December 2014
Petra Szabo and Gunilla Moshi

Mural painting inside the School Library - Artist: John Kilaka together with the pupils at Kiwalaa Primary School

Opening of the School Library with song and dance.

Children singing the Tanzania National Song

The headmaster Roland Masawe's speech

Gunilla Moshi speaking about how the idea of the library became True -
translater Godwin Chonjo

Thank you, Jerome Mrema, (in the middle) for the idea to build a School Library in Kiwalaa

Gunilla Moshi's speech about the importance of books
"Books are for reading not for remaining on the bookshelves"

Children singing and dancing

Children's song for "Mama Gunilla"

Rev. Macha, pastor in Kiwalaa, speaking

Children dancing and singing

Now we are really friends of Kiwalaa School!

Our gifts: A bag with books from Gunilla and a bag filled with tennis balls from Petra

Everybody like balls!

The Opening of the School Library

Gunilla and the representantive from the community shaking hands

Children together with Gunilla Moshi, John Kilaka and Jerome Mrema

The artist and Children's Books writer John Kilaka

Gunilla together with Shose form the Lutheran Diocese in Moshi
looking at the new books and the booksheves

Pastor Justin R Oforo from the Lutheran Diocese in Moshi (Christian Education)
reading John Kilaka's and my picturebook

Teacher showing posters and books at the School Library

Pictures from my first visit at Kiwalaa Primary School 2010 together with John Kilaka

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