Dar es Salaam June 2011

Meeting friends, artists and writers

Elieshi Lema and I in front of her publishing house.

Elieshi Lema's home

The neigbour's children visiting me

John records his story "The amazing tree"

Elieshi and John at the publish house

My friends Phoebe and Godwin Chonjo from Moshi are visiting me in Dar es Salaam.

Sightseeing in Dar es Salaam

First we take the motorcycle "Piki Piki"

Then we take the bus "Dala Dala"

And in the center of the town, it is easiest to take a mini-taxi "Bajaje"

John shows me the village museum where he has worked for many years.

The guide tells how people in different parts of Tanzania have been living in the past.

Petro Paulo is sculptor and here you can see his art:

Middle: Grandmother reading a story for her grandchild. Right: Mother who braids hair.

Petro Paulo shows his art: Figures, houses, crib figures, but also modern art.

Here I try to carve human figures. It's not so easy! (Makonde village)

I have not done it all by myself : )

Now we visit a Tinga Tinga collective. John meets his friend and teacher.

Here the artists paint pictures and images on cabvas, pieces of wood,...

... small sculptures and pens.

It's not so easy to choose among all these wonderful pictures. (Morogoro store)

And now I have to pay!

Here you can see the auction at the fish market.

And everywhere we met nice people.

Fotos: John Kilaka och Petra Szabo

More pictures: eLearning conference