Conference eLearning Africa 2011, May 25 - 27

The vice president comes to visit the conference

Freedom to learn. Yes!!!

Olga Makhubela-Nkondo (University of South Africa) and Petra Szabo

Olga Makhubela-Nkondo "Schooling, Health Educatioön and Child Protection"

Valerie Wood-Gaiger, (Great Britan) "Learning with Grandma"

Paula Uimonen, (Sweden) Spider, "Facebooking in Tanzania: Digital Learning"

Elieshi Lema writer and editor "E&D Limited" (Tanzania) and Petra Szabo

Exhibition: And here you can try yourself

GiZ (Germany) German Society for International Cooperation

More pictures from the exhibition

Photos: Petra Szabo

Meeting friends in Dar es Salaam in June 2011