In October 2010 I traveled to Tanzania to visit the children I already met in September 2009 when I had workshops and told my stories for them. Now I finally can tell the story and show the pictures in my book Karibu, welcome to my village. In this picture book they can find their own surroundings, their village, the nature and much more. I wrote and painted it for these children and for our children here in Sweden.

Tanzania Moshi October 2010

Meeting the children in Rau River

and telling my story

KARIBU! What a wonderful welcome!

Soon you will hear a story!

The story about a girl who has two homes, one in Tanzania and one in Sweden

What's the girl's name? I call her Sara. Hera are two girls called Sara in this group.

Sara and her friends are visiting her home village .

Do they visit Rau River?

And now they are going on safari. Look there are elephants!

... and here you see a baobab tree.

Here is a baobab tree behind the house.

Look there in the background!

It is so big!

And here they already are building, the new kindergarten.

We help to raise money in Sweden.

Now there are still 64 children, Muslimss and Christians, who gather in a little Christian church building.

But these children have already a wonderful Montessori teacher named Lucy.

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Photos: Petra Szabo, Kenneth Fjällborg and Godwin Chonjo