Pre Festival Activities and meeting schools and friends in Moshi in January-February 2016

Our luggage for the tipp to Moshi/Kilimanjaro: Books, letter-mats and other presents for the schools

Hans and Kerstin Forsberg at the ney Montessori Primary School

I find my book "Karibu, Welcome to my Village" and the book from N T Montessori Primary School-class in Täby/Sweden

Here is my book translated to English ...

The children reading "Shindano Kuu", new picturebook written and illustrated by Petra Szabo and John Kilaka

The book i about a storyteller who comes to a village...

...and tells an exiting story about the animal's contest.

In the village Chekereni the storyteller John Kilaka tells now the story for the children.

Godwin Chonjo helping with the workshop

Bishop Fredrick Shoo invited us to his home together with guest from the whole world some days before
he became installed to be the 5th Presiding Bishop of the ELCT in Tanzania.
Here our presents
"Princess Estelle's Prayerbook" and the book "Shindano Kuu"

Julius showing exercises from his book "Play and Learn with Letter-mats"

It is not so easy to change the balls form one mat to the other. You can try!

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