Visitors from Tanzania

Mr and Mrs Chonjo in Danderyd 15 May - 5 June 2009

Mr and Mrs Chonjo’s visit for discussing different projects in Chekereni, Moshi/Kilimanjaro:
Vocational school, Montessori kindergartens, children’s books, women groups, solar lamps, computer class, net-working, milk-projekt etc.
(Cooperation projekt: Moshi/Kilimanjaro/EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF TANZANIA - Danderyd, Spånga och Österåker)

Chekereni - 11 May 2009

Mr Chonjo - Montesori kindergarten in Chekereni

Mrs Chonjo - Montesori kindergarten in Ran River


Danderyd, 15 May - 5 June 2009

Arriving in Danderyd 15 May

Mr and Mrs Chonjo at Szabo's home

Sara Lindstrand and Mr Chonjo in discussion at Szabo's home


Stockholm, 19 May 2009

Visiting Eriksdals school - Mrs Chonjo, Julius Szabo (gynmastics- and special teacher) and the children

Mr, Mrs Chonjo and Julius Szabo in discussion

Mr and Mrs Chonjo in discussion with teachers in the staffroom

Planning children's books in Swahili, English and Swedish together with Petra Szabo


Danderyd 21 May 2009

Visitors from Tanzania - pick nick on the hills, singing and dancing

Lisbeth Cassemar (chairperson Partnership in Learning) , Mr and Mrs Chonjo

Lars Paulson, Mr and Mrs Chonjo visiting a kindergarten in Danderyd

Visiters with Mick and Magnus Lidbeck from the Österåker parish


Spånga 24 May 2009

Visiting Spånga church

Visiting Gunilla Moshi's home in Spånga


Undersåker- Jämtland 27 - 29 May 2009

Visiting Gerda Wendorf's home in Undersåker

Swedish snow - Åre


Stockholm 30 May 2009 - a very important day

Gunilla Fröberg 75th birthday - together with friends

Dinner with the Bishop Caroline Krook


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